Softnix joined Education ICT Forum 2016 :Thailand’s Biggest ICT Education Forum

พบกับ Softnix ได้ที่งาน Education ICT Forum 2016

Softnix@Education ICT Forum2016

Meet us at the “Education ICT Forum 2016” under the theme of Digital Technology for 21 Century, The Future of Higher Education between 27th – April 28th, 2559, at Centara Convention Center Hotel, the Chaeng Wattana, Bangkok In such Softnix a demonstration and presentation technologies, storage systems, computer traffic, capped Management with Big Data and more means of innovative information technology and communication to enhance the administration. studies in Higher education The development of educational institutions. Research and innovation Promote knowledge And develop capacity using technology creatively. And technical services both inside and outside the institution. Participating from the Company The second stage is to mobilize information and communications technology development of the institution the unity and benefits