Softnix LDAP Server (SLS)

Product Overview


Softnix LDAP Server is a management system of LDAP and Radius through a web browser. Easily manage whether add user, edit and delete, policy access and evermore. It’s a real time report and activity log for compliance.
Softnix LDAP greater control and flexibility provided authentication service use for Firewall, Hotspot Access point Controller, Appliance Security System, etc.

Software Specification

  • Simplified administration
  • Web Based Management
  • Support LDAP , Radius
  • Hotspot Captive Portal for gateway mode
  • Radius Authentication 802.1x
  • LDAP Multi-Master Replication
  • Network services function such as DHCP, Proxy
Products Edition
Softnix LDAP has 3 Editions each editions are depend on appropriate using and expense

  • Softnix LDAP Software Edition is Software which contains of OS, Management System, Captive Portal Option. It also can install with General Hardware Server
  • Softnix LDAP is Hardware Appliance Server which ready to run immediately including Hardware Warranty (Available Renewal)
  • Softnix LDAP Virtual Appliance (VA) supports installing on  Vmware ESX , Xen Server, KVM. It also can Import VM File immediately including easy installing and simple taking operation



  • Web Based
  • CLI over SSH
  • Batch job support (Import many users, Reset password, force user expire)


  • Centralized Authentication
  • Remote external LDAP support
  • LDAP Multi-master replication support
  • Synchronize Configuration
  • High Availability (Active-Standby)

LDAP Support

  • Standard Schema (RFC 3088)
  • LDAP TLS Support
  • Third Party LDAP Management support via LDAP Browser


  • Base on FreeRadius
  • RFC 2865, RFC 2866
  • Radius Proxy Support
  • Multi Authentication (LDAP,PAM,IMAP,MySQL,Active Directory, Clear-text file,MD5 Password,Self script like perl,php,python,shell script)
  • Radius Accounting support
  • Online user monitor
  • Bandwidth Top Usage
  • Last user connection
  • Unlimited Radius Client

Internet Gateway Mode

  • Captive Portal (like hotspot)
  • Proxy Web Caching (HTTP,HTTPS,FTP)
  • Proxy Report
  • Proxy Traffic
  • Access Control Management

Captive Portal (Web Login)

  • Limit concurrent login
  • Passive / Captive / Open Mode
  • Wire and Wireless network authentication support
  • Idle Time Out support
  • External authentication server support
  • Bypass website support
  • Online user monitor

For Developer

  • External LDAP lookup support
  • PHP LDAP , Perl LDAP support
  • Integrate Single Sign On Solution
  • Any application need LDAP authentication such as CMS,CRM,HR,E-Office


  • LDAP Log
  • Freeradius log
  • Captive portal log (Login/Logout)
  • User management log
  • Configuration change log
  • Remote Syslog

Network Configuration

  • IP Configuration available on web
  • IP Aliases support
  • Dynamic DNS support
  • Static route support
  • Network tools etc. Ping, nslookup, traceroute

Backup / Restore / Update

  • Schedule backup
  • Backup to local disk, FTP, File Shared , USB Disk
  • Restore via FTP support
  • Manual/Auto. software update

Products Edition

Softnix LDAP – Software Appliance

Softnix LDAP software appliance fully features same as any edition. Easy install on bootable CD. Work under Linux Hardening operating system.

Hardware Requirement

  • Intel Pentium Xeon Multi Core or higher
  • Memory 2GB or higher
  • RAID1 Hard disk 500GB
  • 2 NIC 10/100/1000 Mbps

How does it work ?

  • Buy from preferred partner or download the Softnix LDAP ISO file
  • Burn a CD(DVD) from ISO file
  • Insert the CD into the CD drive of the server
  • Reboot the server and following the instructions on the console
  • Access to Web Admin and activate to license

Maintenance Services/Support

  • 1 year (Discount for long term subscription)
  • Manual and operation guide
  • (8X5 GMT+7) Helpdesk Support by Tel., Email, Web Site, Remote
  • Automatic Software update
  • Free first time remote installation

Softnix LDAP – Hardware Appliance

Softnix LDAP appliance server has their hardware and software bundled in the product. It’s designed for ease of installation and maintenance. The appliance model can be plugged into an existing network and immediately working with little configuration.

Hardware Requirement

  • 1U Rack Mountable Chassis
  • CPU Intel Xeon E3-1230 3.2GHz
  • Memory 4GB DDR3
  • HDD 500 GB SATA II (Raid 1)
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet

Software Specifications

  • Completed Secure Hardening
  • License limit by users capacity
  • LDAP, Radius Full Function
  • Policy Password Expire
  • Web Access Policy
  • Internet Usage Report
  • DHCP Support
  • Report and Logging

Maintenance Services/Support

  • 1 year (Discount for long term subscription)
  • Manual and operation guide
  • (8X5 GMT+7) Helpdesk Support by Tel., Email, Web Site, Remote
  • Automatic Software update
  • 1 year hardware replacement (optional)
  • Free remote configuration support

Softnix LDAP – Virtual Appliance

Softnix LDAP virtual appliance is virtual machine formats work with under VMware, Hyper-V, Xen Server. It’s designed for virtualization environment system.

Virtualization System Support

  • Vmware ESX 4,5
  • Citrix XenServer 5,6
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008

Software Specifications

  • Fully features same as any edition
  • Based on Linux OS Secure Hardened
  • Completed for centralized authentication
  • LDAP, Radius Full Function
  • Policy Password Expire
  • DHCP Support
  • Report and Logging

Maintenance Services/Support

  • 1 year (Discount for long term subscription)
  • Manual and operation guide
  • (8X5 GMT+7) Helpdesk Support by Tel., Email, Web Site, Remote
  • Automatic Software update
  • 1 year hardware replacement (optional)
  • Free remote configuration support

Enterprise Solution

Firewall AuthenticationSoftnix LDAP cans installation as authentication server work for Firewall or internet access management server such as Proxy Server. By this way you can set configure on Firewall request authentication through protocol LDAP or Radius in Softnix LDAP. Evermore useful that you will get in above, you can set Mail server, Proxy, File server, Application which support authentication by LDAP or Radius in terms of using authentication on Softnix LDAP. Means to Implement completed Centralized Authentication System or Single Sign on.

Gateway InstallationSoftnix LDAP support installation in terms of in-line mode. Support both of NAT mode and Route mode which suitably in various organizations. These’s installation can help all user who need to use Web Browser to get into Website by redirect forward to Web login as called “Captive Portal”. Furthermore, user can combine in line mode with Wireless Hotspot, Coffee Shop, Internet Cafe, and Hotel Internet Service as well.

802.1x Enables Authentication Before Allowing AccessThe 802.1x is strong authentication mechanism for enhance the security of LAN or WLAN. You can configure network devices such as wireless access points, wireless controller, Network Access Control (NAC) use to 802.1x on Softnix LDAP

Radius Server for VASCOVASCO is world class leading supplier of strong authentication. VASCO can be support external RADIUS server. Softnix LDAP compatible standard RADIUS.

Softnix LDAP scalabilityIf using the Softnix LDAP in a large network or distributed environment, Softnix LDAP can be replication data to any node server. This solution improve throughput and reduce the load on Softnix LDAP servers

External AuthenticationSoftnix LDAP is flexibility and availability in all applications. Softnix LDAP can be forward an authentication request from a network access server (NAS) to a remote external authentication server such as MS Active Directory, SQL Database, Mail Server, LDAP, Radius and Text. Administrator can used Softnix LDAP immediately without adding, decreased de-duplicate problem. In such cases, Softnix LDAP is acting as a proxy for the external authentication server, and Softnix LDAP is proxy forwarding the request to the external authentication server. In opposite way administrator can add temporary user into local DB on Softnix LDAP as well. Moreover, Softnix LDAP will be managed log storage in a while authentication occurs. Seeing that Softnix LDAP was developed for improve security of network accordingly.



Management Softnix LDAP Server System (SLS)


User Manager

Backup System

Restore System

Update System

System Monitoring

System Log

System Report/ CPU Monitoring

System Report/ Memory Monitoring


LDAP Brochure