Softnix Messaging Server (SMS)

Softnix Messaging Server

Softnix Messaging Server (Code name SMS) is enterprise mail server system designed for organization would be keeping your data in organization safe and can be self management. SMS was developed for providing a cost-effectiveness for user which easy to manage. The main functional are supported the expansion of the business, supported mail server and unlimited number of users. Evermore, in a while your business lives in a state of competitive. You can reliable that your business will be advantage as well.

Softnix Messaging Server (SMS) is easy to management as web interface. Administrators could process system anywhere by network. For the question “Linux mail server is good but complex managing ” .Our SMS system will solve that problem


Design of Softnix Messaging Server (SMS)
We designed by selecting the best technology of open source combined with the commercial software in enterprise level which acceptable in widely organization. More than that, for meet the prospect of all requirements, stability and completely is significant factor and commercial service by professional.

Online Collaboration System is an Effective Business Management
Group Office Online Collaboration is technology partner of Softnix . Users can access mail from everywhere via Group Office WebMail without setting up any on user’s desktop. It is easy for administrator to control. You can take online easy collaboration by share projects, calendars, files and e-mail online with co-workers and powerful synchronization to mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, Android devices .

Increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness
Currently the economic slowdown was affected to the investment in IT business. As a result that many organizations will be considered in the cost of investment in application. Thus, we wholehearted to point out in the value of service and the credibility of product by developed . Softnix Messaging Server which productive in Mail Server. As-like we always show that cost- effectiveness, efficiency and many support the expansion of business in the future.

Softnix Messaging Server (SMS) for various businesses.
Softnix Messaging Server (SMS) is highly flexible mail server that could support any businesses . We have many clients who choose us to be business partner such as Government, Small-Medium Business, ISP Business. In addition, The companies want to have internal mail server which is faster communication including the best information management and security the important information email by itself without email service from web hosting

Product Edition

Softnix Messaging Server (SMS) is appropriated and could be reached to client’s demanding. We design 3 editions as Softnix Messaging SMB, Softnix Messaging Standard and Softnix Messaging Enterprise as following details.

Softnix Messaging Server SMB (SMS SMB)
This is suitable for small to medium business which need basic functions, Users could use Outlook, Thunder bird, Eudora,Kmail or any POP3,IMAP4 client. For this edition, there is no Webmail or Group Office Online Collaboration but it full function Web Admin as other edition.

Softnix Messaging Server Standard (SMS STD.)
This is perfect and completed function. Suitable for firm. The system will increase the efficiency by Group Office Online Collaboration with basic modules such as Announcement, Calendar, Email, Note, Task, Address Book, File Management and others. But can’t synchronizing on mobile devices

Softnix Messaging Server Enterprise (SMS ENT.)
Completed collaboration features and support mobility function such as, mobile Sync. and enterprise module such as Project Management, Workflow, Newsletter, Custom Email Template, Custom Field Form, Ticket Support and more than 10 modules.

Product Comparison Table


Product Edition

Softnix Messaging Server (SMS) based on Linux Mail Server but we have been developed to be easier management. Administrators could arrange IT system and manage email server easily. Administrator could arrange server as well as Users Account, Email Policy, Monitor, Backup, Recovery the system. Key features for SMS as followings.

System Security

  • Operation System (OS) integrated Host firewall, protecting attack for DDos, Zombies, Port Scan, SSH Attack, Session SMTP Attack.
  • Connection controller that protecting attack or open relay.

Accounts Management

  • SMS useS LDAP Directory Services, IT Security, Scalability
  • Supporting for system scalability and centralized account management
  • Easy backup LDAP directory services and recovery

Virus/Spam (Virus/Spam Protection)

  • Anti Spam Mail by Greylisting Policy, DNSBL, SPF technology
  • Integrated Anti Virus/Spam Kaspersky or Bitdefender,they are engine which are used for security
  • Approve Sender, Standard RBL Black List, Custom RBL DB

Content Filtering

  • Policy Block Subject, Attachment, Email Message
  • Black List/White List Email sender
  • Email Outbound Policy, Email Routing Policy. Administrator could setup policy for users, such as allow send to specified domain or limit email to external domain
  • E-mail content controlling, limit the traffic which can help fastly sending/receiving

System Design

  • SMS is Maildir data structure, which is able to keep large e-mail in inbox.
  • SMS based on Postfix MTA which is MTA that is well known for security and the best performance
  • SMS LDAP Directory Service could keep a large information and can be integrated to external application need for LDAP authentication

Data Protection

  • SMS support encrypted protocols POP3S, IMAPS
  • Email encryption by Open PGP, S/MIME in the Web Mail

System Scalability 

  • SMS supports unlimited system Scalability in Distribute Email Server
  • SMS supports storage using also including Cluster Solutions even or Co-working with Shared Storage such as SAN, NAS, iSCSI, NFS etc.
  • SMS supports Hight Availability action with Solution RedHat Cluster Suite work by Active-Active and also get Storage controlling by RedHat Global File System (GFS)

System Report

  • SMS report daily/monthly/yearly using SMS also report in case normal communication and mistake
  • Real time email queue monitoring
  • Report in system resources , network traffic , smtp traffic

System Update/Backup

  • Easily backup and restore by web management
  • Schedule backup configure, data
  • Up2Date patch system like anti-virus signature

SMS Licensing

  • Unlimited Users Accounts
  • 1 Server unlimited CPU (Unlimited Socket)

Group Office Online Collaboration Features

Group Office developed by Intermesh Inc. protected by copyright law and the Group-Office license. Group Office is technology partner of Softnix. Group Office work as Web Mail has many useful modules for increasing efficiency and productivity


Graphic User Interface

  • Group Office has extJS as Client Side JavaScript Library that is compatible any web browsers fastly
  • Ajax interface including modern system


  • Flexible system, Support multi IMAP account in same windows
  • Perfect folder, filter, signature managing
  • Custom email template
  • Auto complete for email compose and address book
  • Easy attach file by Group Office File


  • Calendar for appointment, invitation, reservation resources and reminder system
  • Sharing for co-workers
  • iCal Standard can be exported to Google Calendar, Exchange, Lotus Note
  • Synchronization supports for I-Phone, Android, BB, PDA, Outlook

File Manager

  • This module is used for store personal file and share for co-worker
  • Works as File Server can be shared , Permission Access, Control Version
  • Control version system can be reverted to older version
  • GO Agent easy tool,Can supports online file editing and save immediately without uploading
  • File Template allows creating layout and content templates, that can be used to quickly


  • Approving,Progressing Project Management System
  • This module allows an individual or a team to track a project information
  • Project task can be linked to File, Note, Task, e-Mail , etc.
  • Report of operation , processing


  • Can support Sync. I-Phone, Android, PDA, Outlook
  • Support Sync ML client and ActiveSync
  • Can support Sync.Calendar, Address book, Task
  • Unlimited number of devices and users

The advantages of modules (groupware) enable more effective team collaboration such as

  • Annoucement – internal news announce to organization
  • Ticket Support – for IT Helpdesk or business service used for customer support and responsibility assignment
  • Address Book – Contact management and sharing to co-worker
  • Newsletter – Manage email subscription and deliver email to all your subscribers
  • CMS – Web Content Management
  • Forum
  • etc.

Benefit Summary

LDAP Based System

Storing of User/Password and system setting. LDAP is a standard protocol which can be adapted with other system (Third Party)

Supports an Authentication Networks devices such as Firewall,File Server, Wireless Hotspot, Software Application,etc

Email Virtual Account

Used for setting virtual account or Email address for multi Email address users also just can check all  Email from mail account and can be set more than Email Aliases features

For multi Email Address users or Multi-domain Email Server which can choose only required Domain

Host Firewall

Acts as Host Firewall which is component of protecting mail server system especially from  Internet harming

Increasing stability for mail server.Decreasing Email services duties as DDos, Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA)

SMTP Authentication

Used for sending mails through Mail Server from unauthenticated network.Protects junkmail wide spreading by spammer

For user who are not in firm and have a multi-places internet connecting sending Emails from main server function

Anti Spam Policy

Controls receiving Email server policy for protecting Email from spam or unidentified sending

Saving time and decreasing annoyed from deleted junk mail

Email Outbound Policy

Controls allowing users sending Email for only some domain, Also acts as security protecting from hacking and unnecessary Email outbound

Reduces unnecessary Emails by allowing users sending only required domains. Resulting unnecessary traffic, Be reduced including , Helping to get more efficiency sources and also protecting hacking by Email sending

Email Routing Policy

Used for multi Email Server Organizations including duplicated or non-duplicated domains

Can be used  with load spreading in Organizations or Enterprises with multiple branch for avoiding from traffic on mail server by Email Routing policy setting

Web Administator Interface

Used for management controlling mail server through web browser

No need for Client Application installing also can be control server by network

Anti Virus/Spam

Preventing Email from Virus / Spam

Decrease risk of Virus contracting and reduce Email spam bound

Email Report

Used for reports email outbound including error in sending/receiving

Used for being information to rectify system or proves in corrected action also saves necessary data

Video Demo

Video demonstration show you for key feature about Softnix Messaging Server administration part and Group Office Online collaboration part. If you can’t see video, please check your browser has been installed Flash plugin or Quicktime plugin . You can let us know for any problems with email

Demonstration about how to using calendar for meeting appointment , reminder, invitation, Availability time ,file attachment and resource booking
Softnix Web Admin
Demonstration about administration management system of Softnix Messaging Server (SMS) via web browser such as Users Management, Email Domain, Email Policy Management, System Monitoring, Backup, Restore, Tools.

SMS Brochure